The Missing Prelude to The Little Typer's Trickiest Chapter

Yes, it's the replace function in chapter 9

It’s hard to find a textbook series garnering more effusive praise than The Little Schemer, The Little Prover, The Little Typer & co. The Little Typer introduces dependent type theory and is the first of the series I’ve read. I quickly grew to appreciate & enjoy its dialogue-based presentation - I’m a real convert! I might release future didactic blog posts as a dialogue rather than straight recitation of material in block paragraphs. [Read More]

Two pictures of quantum computation

Quantum interference in the sum-over-paths formalism

Interpretations of quantum mechanics are boring. Boring! Maybe the universe has a strict partition between quantum and non-quantum. Maybe there are a bunch of parallel universes with limited crosstalk. Or maybe it’s whatever the Bohmian mechanics people are talking about. Shut up and calculate, I think. I don’t say this out of some disdain for idle philosophizing or to put on airs of a salt-of-the-earth laborer in the equation mines. It’s just there are so, so many interesting things you can learn about in quantum theory without ever going near the interpretation question. [Read More]